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Urban conservation area Štramberk [ Městská památková rezervace ]

Štramberk, město
The civic houses around the sloping town square were walled in by a Moravian Lord Jan Jindřich (Charles IV.´s brother). Most of the walls have remained until these days. Because the number of citizens kept on growing constantly, a large picturesque suburb has risen around the walls consisting mainly of timbered houses. Because of its antique character Štramberk was declared a historical town reservation. Besides Trúba castle a visitor can see the municipal museum of our painter Zdeněk Burian and the legendary Kotouč mountain with the Šipka cave - a finding place of a Neanderthal man. For its natural beauty, unique architectonic monuments, Štramberk belongs to the most sought-after localities of the Nový Jičín district.
Štramberk, město



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